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We understand the pressures of delivering a premium beverage product right from day one. Our attention to detail, commitment to hands-on implementation, adaptability to regional and logistical challenges and uncompromising quality standards allow us to offer unrivalled support for your team from project to operation.

We will develop and implement a signature beverage product in line with your property's concepts, location and luxury status

Provide comprehensive theory and practical training for selected beverage staff including Fling Bar Services signature training courses and content

Provide support for the organisation and delivery of pre-opening events and an immediate response to the unforeseen issues that occur during opening and pre-opening programmes

Create detailed outlet-specific operational manuals to ensure the consistent and sustainable delivery of all standards and procedures implemented by our team during the opening period


Your beverage menus should be a reflection of the bar itself; celebrating the concept, driving sales and keeping your bar on your guest's lips.

We will create a bespoke cocktail selection based on the outlet concepts with an equal product mix of classic, contemporary and innovative signature cocktails.

A full review and upgrade will revitalise both staff and guests while ensuring your outlet is positioned as the market leader for beverage concept and delivery.

We conduct a full equipment, glassware and spirit audit plus menu development and review of bar efficiency to create a detailed outlet-specific operations manual documenting all beverage standards, recipes and operating procedures.

A further day will be dedicated to the outlet management to ensure a successful hand-over from project to operation and sustainable delivery of the product.


While you may desire for your guests to take their time admiring the awe inspiring decor and design features, this will soon be a point of concern should this time be forced on them while waiting too long for their drinks.

While design consultants do a great job of producing workable schematics, it pays dividends to have operational experts validate these technical drawings in terms of operational requirements, layout and equipment specification to ensure the implementation of efficient drink preparation and service areas. 

Our team will scrutinise the details including; the number and layout of the cocktail stations, spirit display and glassware storage, fridge and freezer space, ice requirements, bin placement and back of house beverage preparation areas. We will take into consideration, number of covers, estimated foot fall and guest flow along with the staffing requirement, style of beverages served and their specific operational requirements to ensure timely service.


In an ever changing industry, it is increasingly important to provide a unique beverage offering. Developing a stand-alone identity is as important in distinguishing one venue from another within your hotel or resort complex as it is to elevating your destination bar or restaurant above the local competition.

Our experienced creative team offers support in both concept creation; developing a bespoke concept from scratch, and concept definition; defining a coherent beverage offering rooted in your existing venue concept. 


With a wealth of independent global experience, we are uniquely placed to tap into current and emerging trends whilst avoiding temporary fashions or fads to create a contemporary, sustainable and - most importantly - marketable product targeted specifically to your desired clientele.

We will listen to your ideas and work together to formalize a beverage direction and menu philosophy whilst conducting needs analysis and identifying the key drivers for each venue; a crucial step that allows the implementation of a consistent, sustainable product and ensures that no time is wasted on unrealistic whimsy. 

Deliverables will include a conceptual story board showcasing cocktail concepts, flavour combinations, presentation styles, product strategies and service elements.

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